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You’re More Than A Business

To them, you’re more than a flower shop, a bakery, a hair salon, a hardware store. You’re their friend, employer, trusted resource, go-to-hangout and more. You’re the businesses that help define the communities that folks live, work, and play in. And as we try to get back to normal you can become one more thing… the catalyst that rebuilds resilient communities.

WeCare2Care is all about creating community resiliency and peace of mind. As we engage with each other at work and during play within our communities, we believe it’s important that your customers have access to convenient, contact-free care when they need it. WeCare2Care provides access to care with its affiliation with local organizations like yours and our network of virtual care providers.

WeCare2Care… Resilient Communities Built by Local Businesses

Sponsorship Levels


$300003 yr sponsorship
  • 75 FREE Virtual Care Visit Certificates
  • Promotional Kit


$5003 yr sponsorship
  • 150 FREE Virtual Care Visit Certificates
  • Promotional Kit


$10003 yr sponsorship
  • 250 FREE Virtual Care Visit Certificates
  • Promotional Kit

Building the WeCare2Care Community Circle

WeCare2Care Sponsors… The Benefits

  • 150 $0 virtual care visits to distribute to your customers and/or others in the community as they desire
  • Promotional materials and PopupCare Support Team to promote the WC2C program and the benefits it provides to those living and working within their community
  • Recognition as part of the Community of Care Circle on the PopupCare website, social media channels and in upcoming local media events and advertising
  • Sponsorship contribution is a write off since PopupCare’s WeCare2Care is a tax exempt organization
  • Help to rebuild community resiliency via consumer peace of mind with convenient contact free care

Reducing the Cost of Care Puts Money Back Into the Community

WeCare2Care $0 visits can save your customers and the community at large significant dollars that can be used on other goods and services in your community.

Treatment Average
Out of Pocket
# of
# of
Care Visits
per Sponsor
Urgent Care Visit $150.00 250 150 $5.6 million
Dr. Office Visit $120.00 250 150 $4.5 million
Telehealth Call $75 250 150 $2.8 million

Community of Care Circle

Check out the organizations who have joined the WeCare2Care movement…

Commonly Asked Questions About Your Care Sponsorship

As a Care Sponsor, how long until I receive my promotional materials?2020-10-08T16:03:17-06:00

Promotional materials are typically shipped within 7 to 10 business days.

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