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Let’s face it, more and more folks are using telehealth as a convenient, contact-free, and effective way to get the care need. In fact, 40 million people have used our virtual care services with over 90% of our users saying they’d recommend us to a friend!

Thanks to our Business Care Sponsors who are supporting the WeCare2Care movement across the country we can now offer you one free virtual care visit. This is a great chance to give telehealth a try. So let’s go.

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    Commonly Asked Questions About Your WeCare2Care Free Telehealth Visit

    Simple, register to become part of the WeCare2Care Community and once completed we will send you instructions to set up your free virtual care visit.

    Your free visit offer is good for 30 days from the time you join the Community. After 30 days your offer will expire and will not be valid.

    Our physicians are all licensed and board certified. You will be able to choose from either a dermatologist or primary care physician for your free visit.

    Telehealth visits are designed to handle acute, non-chronic conditions like strep throat, ear aches, colds and fevers, skin rashes, acne and others. You can visit www.popupcare.com for a full list of conditions our physicians treat.

    You have two options:

    1. As a registered member of the Community you can pay $25 for any additional urgent care visits you may need. This price is significantly below the average cost for a telehealth visit.
    2. You can join one of the PopupCare Phamily Care membership coverage programs that offer multiple free visits at a significant cost savings. Check them out at www.popupcare.com

    To review all of our policies and terms of use please review our disclaimers.


    Send us a message and we’ll reach out to review the benefits of joining the WeCare2Care program.